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custom siRNA
GenePharma’s RNA synthesis products are repeatedly optimized and rigorously tested to ensure the high stability of product quality....
modified siRNA
GenePharma has all the internationally leading core technologies of siRNA chemical synthesis, especially the custom and chemically-modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology, the RNA monomer synthesis technology,...
control for siRNA
In order to get correct analysis experimental data, a suitable control experiment is necessary. A fluorescence-labeled siRNA negative control, which has no genetic homology with human, is conducive to the optimization of transfection conditions, and also can be used as the non-specific silencing control....
FAM-labeled siRNA
The siRNA oligo can be labeled in the four different ends of double stranded by multiple markers....
siRNA Sets
GenePharma could design a siRNA pack for the customers who intend to ensure the inhibit efficieny. you just need to provide us the gene's name and Accesion Number...


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